Fatstick SUP – now with added land paddle goodness

With colder temperatures upon us in the UK many head for the warmth of their beer emporium rather than braving the elements, donning thick neoprene and taking a dip. But fear not as those not fond of the cold now have a dry land alternative to keep those stand up muscles moving. Ladies and gentlemen, we at Fatstick give you land paddling.

Land paddling, I hear you ask? What’s that? Simply put land paddling is everything you do on water but on land. Instead of using a pucka Fatstick SUP you bust out the longboard style skateboard (these have been optimised for specifically using a paddle), grab your stick and away you go.

SUPing the land is perfect for those Baltic freezing winter days, when the wind’s howling and you’re not a fan of downwinders or if you’re simply looking for a cross over discipline that’s both fun and functional.

Take your land paddling kit into the skate park for even more of a challenge or simply cruise the flat, never once having to put your foot down to push in a conventional manner. If you’re really up for it then why not land SUP to the office, like Reuben (Fatstick boss man) does.

Fatstick is now stocking the king of land paddle equipment from Kahuna Creations (thanks to Land Paddle UK). This gear is optimised specifically for land paddling. Boards carve as hard as you dare and are super loose while the paddles themselves are beautifully crafted ‘engines’ designed with land paddling in mind.

Reuben May land paddling

If you haven’t tried land paddling then check out our shop for more details, specs and info. If you have any questions then give us a shout and we’ll happily answer any query you may have.


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