Running wild – Fatstick Race 12.6ft review

Source: Running wild – Fatstick Race 12.6ft review


Check out this awesome review of the Fatstick Race 12.6ft in bamboo from our friends at SUP Mag UK. Remember, we don’t just produce affordable stand up paddle boarding equipment, we also manufacture performance orientated race and surf SUPs as well. Check our range out in the shop by hitting this link –

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New 2016 Fatstick stand up paddle and surfboards

Summer may be a distant memory but we’ve certainly not been resting on our laurels here at Fatstick HQ. Over the last few weeks we’ve been steadily accumulating a whole bunch of new stand up paddle and surfboards for inclusion in our 2016 range. So without further ado, let’s check them out.

First up is our Wooden Wonder longboard/nose rider surfboard. Coming in two lengths, so you can tune you ride to wave conditions and your own personal style, choose between a 7.6ft or 9.2ft –

Wooden Wonder

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Family SUP Paradise? Biscarrose, France

Source: Family SUP Paradise? Biscarrose, France

If you follow Fatstick on Facebook then you will know FS boss man Reuben and family recently hit up SW France for a dabble with a paddle. For those thinking of a similar trip check out Reu’s little Biscarosse guide on SUP Mag UK.

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Fatstick hit Watergate National SUP Champs

Team Fatstick missioned it to Cornwall this weekend for the BSUPA National SUP Championships. A chance to score some surf, give Fatstick young gun Drew a taste of the UK comp scene and soak up some general Kernow ambience, it was a cracking few days in the South West and we’re already missing it. Big shouts to Russ Lees, Nick Kingston and Drew for making it a banger. Hopefully more waves soon!

If you haven’t checked out the Fatstick range of surf SUPs then hit up our shop and get involved –’6/7870540

(And don’t forget we also produce a stunning range of surfboards optimised for typical UK conditions –

Team Fatstick Cornwall

Team Fatstick 2

Team Fatstick 3


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Swell times! Surfing race and touring stand up paddle boards

With summer now but a distant memory it’s definitely NOT time to hang up your paddle for winter. In fact it’s quite the opposite! Autumn, winter and spring can be the best months for getting afloat and certainly the best time for scoring surf.

But what if all you own is a race or touring SUP? Well, have no fear as taking these babies into surf is more than doable. OK, you’re not going to be ripping huge turns and chucking buckets of spray, but that isn’t the point. Most people get hooked on stand up paddling because of the glide. And it’s this gliding feeling that’s heightened when sliding into a few small swells.

Yep, we said small, not big. If large open faced liquid walls are your thing then you really should be looking at our surf Fish SUP range –’6/7870540. If, however, you want to increase the amount of days you can glide on swell then consider riding your pointy nose SUP in waves.


Not only will this teach more about board trim and how to set a rail, you’ll be able to pick up even ankle snappers. And when waves increase a little, with skill you can be skimming across the brine, surging along on your race or touring SUP and covering much greater distance than you normally would.

For existing surfers it’s another tool in your arsenal to maximise time on the water. Those paddlers who don’t own a surf stick should find comfort in knowing you don’t actually need one. There’s never been a better way for getting the most out of your race and touring SUP. So as we said at the start of this post, now’s NOT the time for a winter of hibernation, now’s the time for stepping up and snagging a few waves.

As further evidence you can see SUP Mag UK editor Tez Plavenieks testing our 12.6ft race SUP in the vid above. Here the waves are barely ankle high. In fact, the ripple’s he’s riding aren’t even waves at all. It’s actually wake from a passing cruise ship! Yet again highlighting how you don’t actually need decent conditions to surf when you own a race or touring stand up paddle board. So what’s stopping you? Time to get involved…


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A huge thanks from us all at Fatstick SUP!

Wow is all I can say! From all the team at Fatstick I’d like to say a massive thank you for your support at the National Watersports Festival on Hayling Island. We had an amazing event; the first we have done on this scale. It was a hard slog getting there, full of nerves and not knowing what to expect. But we did it and had a super successful event!

We had great reviews of our SUPs, made some great new friends and even sold a few boards! I’d like to thank Russ Nick, Sam (demo guys) for their help on the stall running around dealing with everyone . A big well done to Will Littleboy for smashing the races and winning. Thanks to Simon Jeffrey for his help and the pictures and thank you to all who dropped by the stand. But on a last note I’d like to thank my wife and my special little man for your love and support on this journey. See you all on the beach. Reubs…

Team Fatstick NWF 1

Team Fatstick NWF 2


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Fatstick equiment independent product reviews

Here at Fatstick we’re super stoked about our range of kit and are happy to bang on about our stand up paddle boards, SUP paddles, surfboards, land paddle bits and accessories until the cows come home. We do understand, however, Fatstick SUP rangethat simply hearing us bestow the virtues of our product on you is all well and good but we know what you’re thinking: ‘Well, they would say that wouldn’t they?’
SUP Bike Run Fatstick Bamboo TourerFatstick SUP gear

So we were thinking, rather than take our word for it, here are links to independent reviews about our kit from mags we’ve been working with the last few years. Check out reports on SUP Mag UK, and SUPBoarder.

Fatstick carbon pro 10ft SUP

Fatstick 12.6ft inflatable crossover SUP/sit on kayak

Lockable roof bar straps (Kanulock)

Fatstick adjustable carbon paddle

Fatstick bamboo tourer 12ft

Fatstick Red Rocket 12.6ft

Fatstick Red Ripper 10.6ft

Fatstick Pink Panther 10ft

You can also read the write up of our 12.6ft race SUP in the current issue of SUP Mag UK –

Stay tuned for more over the coming months as we continue to get our products out there and into the hands of users. If you’ve got a review or opinion on our gear then let us know. And also feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about our kit –

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